Friday, February 19, 2010

"You Can Find It Online At Kangaroo"

I was walking down the street and I saw the coolest mode of transportation pass by. It was a bicycle with a dome shaped car attached to the front of it. Within the confines of the car were one and possibly two very comfortable and protected toddlers.

I shouted out to the mom driving this contraption:
"That's the coolest thing I've ever seen! Can I take a picture of it?"
She paused for a moment and then replied
" can find it online at Kangaroo."

I paused and then shot back.
"Yeah...I'm never going to do that."

I responded this way because:
1. I had no idea what "kangaroo" was and
2. Was surprised that she couldn't stop for three seconds while I took a camera phone picture of her bike?

In this world we will all get a little farther in life if we help one another out. Kanagroo!


  1. It looks really awesome though!

    Maybe the lady was just weirded out about someone taking a pic of her kids?

  2. I think it's wierd that she wouldn't let you take a two second picture. At least she told you wear you could find it!

  3. I think it's weird too! It really would have taken two seconds.

    Also, Amanda, I could have taken the picture so that you couldn't see her kids or her, if that was the issue.

    And if she could've given me a valid website as opposed to a strange abstract comment including a marsupial animal that would have been helpful!

  4. Amanda! OMG! That is IT! You're a research genius!


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