Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marjorie The Cat Inspires Me

I'd like to introduce you all to someone. His name is Marjorie.

Yes, I did say his name is Marjorie. Marjorie is a male cat and he is fabulous. But he is not my cat. He resides in a pet food and supply shop called Beastly Bite in Brooklyn, NY. The funny thing about Marjorie is that he hangs out at Beastly Bite, but his original home is actually next door at the Community Bookstore.

Marjorie sneaks out from the bookstore each day to visit Beastly Bite. According to the Bookstore folks, Marjorie is very mean to people when he is at the bookstore. According to Emma (who works at Beastly Bite) Marjorie is very nice and affectionate when he is at the the pet supply shop.

Clearly, this cat suffers from mood swings and is heavily influenced by his environment. Then it occurred to me: Marjorie the cat is just-like-me!

I admire his tenacity. I love the fact that he can just up and leave his original residence to go store hopping. Seeing Marjorie and what a character he was reminded me of my own two cats, Simon and Egreck.

I realized that all the time I've been spending with my son has resulted in me being a neglectful cat owner. I am often yelling at my cats to:

"Get out of the bed!" When I find them sleeping in Ari's bed.
"Get out of the bathroom!" When Egreck threatens to poop in the tub.
"Get back in the house!" When Simon runs out the apartment door and down the stairs to the lobby.

It occurred to me that perhaps the reason Simon is trying so hard to escape is that I've been neglecting him!

So, I listened to my cat mom guilt and bought Simon and Egreck some balls to chase.

Thank you Marjorie the cat, for inspiring me to be a better cat mama.

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  1. I'm always afraid that my cat has his own blog somewhere called "The Memoirs of the Pissed Off and Neglected Cat"... We love our cat (in fact so much that for the first few weeks we accidentally kept calling our baby "Max" which is our cat's name...)but these days he is lucky if I remember to feed him.

  2. Mrs.No, I completely understand! I fairly certain that Simon and Egreck are writing their memoirs and discussing how their lives reached a turning point when that baby came along!

  3. Hmm, I have to admit that my two doggies are a little neglected after the birth of Little T. I feel sad for them but dogs are not nearly as bitchy as cats thank God. lol.

  4. In my humble opinion, female cats tend to be MUCH bitchier than male ones. I have two boys and they are awesome! I'm glad you understand about the neglecting of pets after babies!

  5. I do not yet have a human baby, but I can safely say that after the arrival of our newest canine baby Marlowe, my first son Milo the Cat has felt neglected. But then I remembered that he has always been cranky and spiteful and I felt a bit better. Toys helped too!

  6. It's understandable that Milo would feel neglected after Marlowe's auspicious arrival. But toys certainly are a wonderful thing. And love!


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