Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yay For Wednesday!

Today I was reminded that there are cool moms in this world. My friend Betsy and her daughter Maybelline came over for a play date.

This prompted me to clean my house. B and M arrived and the fun began! At first, Ari and Maybelline were indifferent to one another.

He had trouble sharing his favorite toy, the cozy coupe...

But as time went on and Betsy and I drank more coffee...

We talked about our lives. We compared childhoods, talked punk rocker boyfriends, addressed the underlying issues associated Catholic guilt and Jewish guilt.

As we learned more and more about each other, our kids started to get along:

It was such a fun play date. We just might do it again!


  1. What a lovely experience. It is always great to be reminded that there are new people to meet that are really interesting and nice. Sometimes we forget. Glad Sarah and Ari made new friends.

  2. It was such a wonderful time! Thanks B and M!


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