Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Back in the old days when Old Navy didn't exist, people actually made their own clothes, they wove them. Today I was subbing for a 5th grade class and this afternoon they had a weaving workshop.

All the kids in the class and me (the teacher for the day) got to weave!

Cynthia, who recently opened her own weaving studio, was really nice and patient with the kids. Then I found out she was Filipino and I loved her even more.

She looked at pictures of Ari (my son) who is 1/4 Filipino and she oooohed and aaahed. We shared a moment.

I plan to visit Cynthia's weaving studio at some point. Maybe I can even take Ari with me when I go!

Weaving was a lot of fun. Take a look at what we created:


  1. oh...I'd love to try weaving. what a great opportunity.

  2. In that pic that says, "Catherine and Me" you look JUST like my midwife!

  3. Maybe it's a sign! Should I be become a midwife? MWHAHAHAHHA!

  4. That school is such a great eduartistic experience for students and teachers alike. Who wouldn't want to weave!

  5. It so is! I loved weaving. Look how concentrated I was!


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