Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being a Grown-Up is No Fun!

I'm getting ready to have a play date right now. A friend of mine is coming over. I know her peripherally from one of the schools I substitute at. I determined, since I don't know her that well, that I need to clean my house before she gets here. I need to pretend that I actually don't live like a college frat boy.

My son was baffled that I was actually using the vacuum cleaner. I think he believed (previous to this experience) that is was a statue that lived in our apartment.

This is one of those life experiences that reminds me that (unfortunately for me) I am an adult. I have to stop being lazy and clean my apartment. I hate it so much.

I wish I were five years old again. I didn't realize how good I had it. All my meals were cooked for me, I was hugged constantly, I got consistent nap time every day, and I never had to pay bills.

I despise responsibilities. I hate pretending to be mature, when inside I am whining "Why do I have to do this?"

My son doesn't realize how good he has it.


  1. Ah yes. No bills. No responsibilities. I wouldnt go back to being five. Maybe high school. By the way I just rembered a day from years ago
    when I was sorting through a pile of bills and I asked this 7 year old
    to help me. AND SHE DID. That seven year old is now the OLD SCHOOL/NEWSCHOOL/MOM

  2. That's hilarious, dad. I don't remember that at all!

  3. I totally identify. It gets easier with experience. Maybe?


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