Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Who Has Mistakenly Contacted Me

In the past week I've received several emails (and even text messages) that were sent to me by "accident." I've begun to find them amusing.

  • One email was an invitation to 90th birthday party with a woman sharing my last name: Fader. I've never met her.
  • Another was a text message addressed to "Komar" received on my cell phone about a potentially valuable stock trade in process!
  • Yet another was a cancellation to a meeting. "I'm sorry I have to cancel our meeting tomorrow." This was from a kindergarten teacher. Sent to the wrong Sarah. She works at my school.
  • Then there's the daily call with an "important message" for "Luis Oliverio." I keep telling this particular creditor that Mr. Oliverio does not reside here, unless he's hiding under my couch and I haven't noticed him.
  • Another was a message from a high school telling me that my son, Luis Riveria, has been absent for too many days in a row. I wasn't aware that I gave birth to a one "Luis Riveria."
  • The last was from an email from my business partner telling me that she can't wait to "catch up!"

It's been a busy week over here! I can't wait to see who else I hear from!

Have you ever been mistakenly contacted? Tell me about it!

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  1. We have had our home phone number for 2 years and we still get calls from creditors for the people who used to live here. I actually have stopped answering the phone if i don't recognize the number 'cause it's so annoying.

    Sometimes, my son answers it and says "Hehwo? Hehwo? No. No" That how is always answers the phone, but it's so fitting in this case!

  2. That is priceless, Sarah. It's a good thing he tells them "No!" Maybe they'll get the hint! So funny! I love kids.

  3. We used to get calls for a year at our home # for Maria Cordoba...always from creditors. Then when I went shopping at Best Buy they wanted to look up my rewards zone account by phone # and when I told them my number they said, "Maria Cordoba?" and I was like WTF!! I hate Maria, why, oh why didn't she pay her damn bills?

  4. The stock tip is no doubt spam. And I've been meaning to tell you about Luis, but I kept forgetting - sorry!

  5. Surprisingly, the stock tip was NOT spam! HA! I called the guy back and he was legitimately trying to contact someome named Komar who apparently he's done business with before. He was so sorry and said he would update his Blackberry address book! You should have told me about Luis!

  6. When I was living in Greece I got a late night call from a guy who asked for Olivia. "Olivia, I don't know her" I said, and the guy said with a really desperat voice "Oh no, I need to speek with Olivia, the call-girl!!!". It was so funny, he was quite desperate to get hold of her *giggle giggle*

  7. HA HA HA! Gry, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. I actually laughed aloud when I read this!


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