Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are Dogs Like Babies?

I would like to share a disturbing thought with you. I considered calling my friend Donna.

Then I thought, it's kind of early (10:30am Sunday) but then I thought she has a dog. Dogs are like babies...they wake you up early. Dogs = babies?

So, are dogs like babies? Thoughts?


  1. I know my dogs are worse than babies! LOL!

  2. Ha ha ha! What kind of dogs? And what baby-like behaviors do they exhibit?

  3. No really, dogs are worse than babies.

    I had two dogs for two years before Tahira was born and I never knew exactly how much they prepared me for having a kid!

    #1: They wake you up in the middle of the night

    #2: They have accidents in the house

    #3: They're loud, they bark/whine/yelp/run around in circles really really fast and bother the downstairs neighbors

    #4: You can't go anywhere for very long alone unless you get a sitter for them

    #5: They're expensive

    #6: They follow you around everywhere and are extremely annoying

    Babies are actually better because you can take them places with you, like out to eat or shopping. You can go on vacation easier with a baby, and they can travel on an airplane for free (dogs are $100 each way).

  4. I should say I HAVE two dogs, not had.

  5. Actually I do agree with you! Babies are better. What kind of dogs do you have? How do they like T?

  6. Eww, yes I heard about that!

    I have Italian Greyhounds. They're freaks.

  7. Majorie! That is terrifying!

    Amanda- I like Italian greyhounds! I also like big greyhounds! They are sweet.

  8. I think babies need more than dogs.


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