Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Gratitude List

When I was a child, before going to bed, or when we were sad, my mom used to ask my brother and I to make a "gratitude list." Our task was to name 10 things we were grateful for.

Here is my gratitude list:

1. Ari
2. Kisses and hugs from Ari
3. Wilhelm
4. My family (My brother, Rosa, Frankie, Every member of my extended family)
5. My parents
6. My Cats
7. Having a place to live
8. My friends (I have the best friends ever! Thank you for everything that you do!)
9. Working with great kids
10. Mint

What are you grateful for?

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  1. just did the list with Frankie a couple of hours ago! she only has to name 5 things! Ah, the next generation

  2. Ah the next generation indeed! It is such a great thing to do, the gratitude list. It really puts things into perspective and shows you want you have in life.


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