Saturday, February 20, 2010

100 Word Challenge: Overall

Velvet Verbosity hosts a weekly contest called the hundred word challenge. Bloggers write 100 words on a particular theme or "prompt." Click the image below for a link to the 100 Word Challenge:

This week's prompt is "Overall." Here is my post:

By Sarah Fader

I tend to criticize myself, a lot. I think of what I could have done better, should have said, shouldn’t have eaten or shouldn’t have thought about someone. But today I am going to make a change. Today, I am going to look at myself overall. As a complete human being, I think I’m doing pretty well. Overall, I eat healthy foods including fresh vegetables and fruits. Overall, I am a good friend, I am kind to strangers, I love my son, I love my boyfriend (although he annoys me sometimes) overall I love him. Overall I love my life.


  1. Overall - a very nice entry for the prompt! And positive!

  2. Thank you Harvee (Book Dilenttante)! It was sort of stream of consciousness! :). I am definitely going to enter next week's!

  3. I'm glad you joined in the fun. Nicely done!


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