Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pediatric MRI Book

While I was waiting to have an MRI of my knee done, "Dr. Mint" discovered a curious board book in the waiting room. What on earth is a board book doing here? I thought to myself. We weren't at a children's library! We were waiting in a sterile waiting area for an enormous machine to scan my insides.

Dr. Mint held it up for me to see.

And here's a sample page:

I was truly baffled by this book. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I mean, it was really strange that someone actually took the time to make a children's book about MRIs. And it is also sad that there is a need for a children's book about MRIs. It means that kids are actually getting MRIs.

What are your feelings on the MRI board book?

To see the entire book, click here.


  1. It's sad that it's ever needed, but helpful to have when it is! (And I bet a lot of adults read it, too!)

  2. That's exactly how I felt about it! It was entertaining...but sad.

  3. it IS sad....but today during my MRI I felt like crying as it was scary...and I thought about all the kids that have to do it. I came up with a better fun scenario in my head to help me cope and thought how it would make a good story for kids, and not as lame as this one. I think I might pursue this. I found this site googling if this existed. Looks like it does, but I think I have a better idea.

  4. My son has to have another MRI - many kids do when dealing with various illnesses that are more complex than a simple xray. Now that he is 3.5 years, his first MRI was done at 2, I feel like we need to prepare him more since he's more aware of what's going on. We kind of just let it "happen" at 2. Now he's older and can understand what needs to happen - from anesthesiology to the actual MRI. Because he loves books, I think a book for kids about "big procedures" is important - I can only explain so much - a picture is sometimes worth more than that ;-)

    1. Now that I think about it, I think this book could actually be useful to kids. I hope your son feels better!!


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