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Sarcastica: An Interview

I love language and word play. When I discovered Sarcastica's blog, I was immediately intrigued. What a creative moniker! Sarcastica is a young mom from Canada. She has just graced her 20's (congratulations to her, I miss that decade so...) and is the proud mama to Nolan. Sarcastica agreed to answer some questions about her motherhood experience. Without further ado, here she is: Sarcastica:

1. What's in a name? Tell us about the name Sarcastica!

The name Sarcastica was thought up by my cousin Karen during a brainstorming session for an online identity. Sarcastica is my "alter ego", the snarky, sarcastic girl that doesn't hold back. In real life, I tend to hush Sarcastica's funny quips because my humor often is misunderstood. Sarcastica stands for that part of me. I used to joke that Sarcastica was my version of Superman, only instead of flying and super strength I've got my sarcastic wit.

2. How long have you been blogging? How did you get started?

I've been blogging since December 2005, 5 years ago...I was 15!!!! My early blog posts are
so embarrassing to read, but I love that I still have them and I can see how much I've changed in five years. What I thought was important then and how

I reacted to situations then is so different from now, even my writing style has changed! My cousin Karen ( got me started on blogging. She knew I loved to write, and thought I would enjoy blogging. Obviously I did because I've been doing it for five years now!

3. How did you react when you found out you were going to be a mom?

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Our pregnancy was definitely not planned.
I had just started school for Dental Reception and Administration (which I hated and ended up dropping out of) and our lives were so not ready to include a baby. Matt wasn't working and lived in his mom's basement. Both of us were immature and definitely didn't have our heads screwed on right.

I found out I was pregnant September 11th, 2008...I took two home pregnancy tests and was in shock for the next two days. Matt was terrified, especially of my dad's reaction. We knew immediately that abortion was out of the question, that we were going to keep the baby. We told our families within the next week, so everyone knew right off the bat. I was scared out of my ever living tree, there was so much that I didn't know and I had no idea if I was going to be any good at parenting, but as I wrote my morals were strong and I was set on having and raising Nolan from the first time I saw that double line! Read more about this topic here.

4. How were you when you gave birth to Nolan? Tell us your labor story!

I was a high risk pregnancy, so my pregnancy was followed by the high risk program at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto. On my 37th week appointment (the first day of my 37th week, I might add), just after I saw the doctor filling in for my regular doctor (yep, he was on vacation...go figure) I went into labor while I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my ultrasound to see if Nolan was still breech.

It wasn't the kind of labor I saw in movies, with horrible pain that makes you scream and double over. I did have contractions that made it very difficult for me to stand and walk to the bathroom though. I had my ultrasound and it was discovered that my amniotic fluid was low and Nolan was still breech. T the doctors advised me to have a c-section to get him out since my fluid was so low (without my water breaking or anything). I agreed, worried about Nolan (and excited to see him too, I might add), and my c-section was scheduled for 8pm that night.

It was your standard c-section, and I was awake for it so I got to "see" and hear what was going on. Seeing Matt's look on his face when Nolan first cried was priceless, and it made me cry. Matt later described it as "something from Alien vs. Predator", ha! It was apparent that something was wrong with Nolan though, because he wasn't breathing normally.

They took him to NICU and they discovered he had fluid on the lungs, so he spent an additional 2 weeks in the hospital clearing that up. It was hard for me because I didn't really understand what was going on, and I was so worried about him and so disappointed that I couldn't hold him and do skin to skin and try to breastfeed and all that, but I am so thankful that it wasn't a major medical issue. Basically, my main emotions were; happy, thrilled, scared, worried, and anxious, like any new mom!

5. Did you nurse Nolan?

I did nurse Nolan! Since he was in NICU, I pumped ever 2-3 hours solidly for two weeks - my milk supply was INTENSE! When he first came home, he was bottle fed with the milk I pumped. We'd try breastfeeding every meal but he didn't catch on until he was 4 weeks, then we ditched the bottles and I nursed him until he was about four months old. I had to go in for an operation in Toronto and unfortunately the pain killers (and the depression/anxiety of being separated from him) made my milk dry right up. When I got home I had a lot of recovering to do and couldn't handle his weight on my hip so we didn't try again, plus he was comfortable on the bottles and formula. I wish I could have nursed him longer but I'm glad that I was able to for the four months!

6. What is the hardest thing about being a mom?

The hardest thing about being a mom for me is the knowledge that Nolan has inherited my bone disorder (Multiple Hereditary Exostoses) and may be faced with several surgeries over the course of his youth (and adulthood). No mom likes to see her child in pain, and I feel guilty knowing that he will have pain in his future and surgeries. At the same time I am grateful that I know what to expect from this disorder and that it is not a life threatening one. Another hard thing about being a mom is the decisions! There are so many of them and I sometimes get over whelmed. Luckily I have a wonderful support group that I can turn to for the decisions that really boggle my mind!

7. What is the best thing about being a mom?

The best thing about being a mom is seeing Nolan learn new things every day and I experience all of his firsts with him! There are so many things that I love about being a mom, I don't even think I could list them all! It is so awesome that I get to teach this child and help him grow up to be the best person he can be! And of course I love the goober kisses he plants on my cheek each morning!

7. What advice would you offer to young moms like yourself?

Be prepared for your entire life to change, it's a great and wonderful thing! Try not to have your mind set against breastfeeding, so many young moms are afraid of it and therefore against it and it was the best thing I could have done! My bond with Nolan is so strong and I enjoyed nursing him so much, I miss it even now!

[Baby] clothes don't have to be bought brand new at fancy stores, I find a lot of adorable new outfits at consignment store for half the price and Nolan still looks amazing! Be sure to be patient and mindful; babies cry because that's how they communicate, don't take it personally and don't let it damper your mood or day. Having a baby doesn't mean your social life stops, but it does change a lot. And...patience takes lots of practice! Oh, and don't let someone else tell you what's right for your baby. Listen to advice, process it, and make your own decisions! Sometimes people can be helpful and teach you things you didn't know, so don't be completely against help!

8. Do you love Canada?

I definitely LOVE Canada! I can't imagine living anywhere else. I am grateful for our health care system and for bacon.

To read more from Sarcastica, visit her blog by clicking on her picture below!

Note, Sarcastica now blogs as Jessi @ Notes of Life and Love. Click below for her new blog:

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