Friday, March 5, 2010

CDs Are Defunct and I Am Old

I told Ari's babysitter about the time that I sold my car and I accidentally left a case of 500 CDs in it. They got thrown out in the process. Her response:

"Oh no! And that's when CDs were popular!"

Yet another reminder that I am getting older.

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  1. same here first music was Sublime ON TAPE!

  2. I think she might faint if she saw how many tapes I own!!

    I'm so glad your first music was on tape.

    I have the entire Bangles collection all on tapes!!!

  3. I remember sitting and listening to the radio for hours just to record that stupid song "MMM Bop!" on tape!

  4. Amanda - I totally remember doing that too! I had to sit and listen to the radio for hours just to get the Backstreet Boys.

    Sigh. I was telling the kids about when file sharing first came out and it took 4 hours to download a single song. Ah. Dial-up.

  5. Yes! I, too, used to record songs off the radio. And even when my friends made fun of me, I shamelessly listened to Hanson (at age 17) because they have awesome harmonies.

    I totally remember when file-sharing was new and Kazaa used to take three thousand years to download a song, and subsequently murdered your computer hard drive afterward.

  6. Wow. I feel old when I read that : )

    We still have tons of cd's in our house.

  7. I know right? I feel so old. Although Ari mainly uses my CDs as objects to throw around!! :)

  8. I can't speak for 78's. I do, however, remember our old record player growing up. That was mostly used for emulating 80's rappers like Run DMC.


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