Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm The Mama

Last night Ari was up until midnight. I tried to put him to sleep in my bed with me at around 9pm, but all he did was "read" Goodnight Moon 1-2-3 and play with my hair. After an hour of this, we got up and he watched 9000 episodes of Blue's Clues. I managed to sneak in my show "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" which he graciously let me watch.

Finally, he went to sleep (with a fight) in my bed. Today he is cranky and I am miserable. After consulting with my great friend and mama, Gry, I've decided that tonight Ari must be re-sleep trained. He is getting back into his bed if it's the last thing I do.

The results of non-sleeping are this:
--a sink full of disgusting dishes that I am too exhausted to wash
--a cranky toddler
--a miserable mama
--I think Simon the cat may have a broken paw, but I'm too tired to check

I keep telling myself that I'm the mama! - I can do this!

Wish me luck tonight as I re-introduce sleep into our lives.

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  1. sleep is hard. i thought i would never get through the crazy sleeping patterns and nuttiness of babies and toddlers. they LIVED in my bed. i kinda liked it. now my almost 8 year old crawls in usually at 6, and i don't see him till I wake up. I'm glad he still snuggles with me.

    anways -- best of luck. you have to figure out a way to get sleep and you will. i promise

  2. What about Blues Clues pajamas?

  3. What a fantastic idea! Blue's Clues pajamas it is!

    Slow Panic- I hear you. Sleep is rough! I do love the snuggling!

  4. Actually, Blue's Clues bedsheets might work better...

  5. That's true! Maybe that would make him stay in his bed!

  6. Good luck. Sleep training is dreadful at the time but always worth it. My 9m old nurses 4-5 times a night.. Iknow I have to do something about it but

  7. So... how's the cat?

  8. One of my main goals in life is to get sleep..I'm the same exact way when I don't have a good night of zzzz's. And it takes me several days to get the house back to some kind of order! Good luck! Thinking of you! xo Kyndale

  9. Kyndale- I miss sleeping! I completely agree, sleep and an orderly house are connected for me too!

    I'm still working at it!


  10. You have a cat named Simon?!? I had a cat named Simon!

  11. Yes I do!! He is tabby with a white chest.



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