Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm The Mama Part II

I am happy to report that Ari is asleep and it is 7:55pm Eastern Standard Time. I made a promise to myself that I would get him back in his bed, and tonight (at least) I've done it!
Here's what magical steps I took to accomplish this task:

1. I told him at 7pm that we were brushing our teeth and going to bed.
2. After teeth cleaning, we sat together in his dark room and I read Goodnight Moon 1-2-3. He cried through half the book and listened to the 2nd half.
3. Then I sang Perry Como's " 'A' You're Adorable" while he put his head in my lap and screamed "MOMMY!"
4. After awhile, the screaming and crying stopped and he listened to the song.
5. I continued to sing Mr. Como as I moved him onto his pillow. He began screaming once again. I put a firm hand on his back and eventually the screaming calmed down and he drifted off to sleep.
6. Then I counted to 120 (to make sure he was really asleep) and I snuck out of his room and told Egreck to stop meowing at the door. He was attempting to ruin everything that I worked so hard to accomplish.

Ari is asleep! I hardly know what to do with myself. One thing I do know is this: I'm the mama! I rock the house!

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  1. YAY for the tips! I'm sure they will come in handy for when Nolan is that age...however, I'm pretty sure my tone deaf singing would do more harm than good and he would cry just to have me shut up...heh.

  2. Good job! I have to do that too, Lyla is going through that separation crap! >:( They've both been waking up a lot, but Lyla the most, and needing me to hold her constantly. Today they didn't nap so now they are in bed, but they went at 9. Not the best, but at least for now they are sleeping!

  3. Cordy- Neediness!!!!! It abounds. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Good thing they're all asleep now! Ari, Z and L, that is!

    Sarcastica- Girl, I am more than happy to supply tips when this stage comes up for you!

  4. oh goodness, ive just learned how to get my son to stay in bed. but he still gets out once or twice but its a big difference from the like 6 or 7x he was doing. what i have to do is not matter how many times he gets out i have to just put him right back in bed. we tried the staying in the room til he went to sleep thing and when we did he just thought it was play time. :( lol

  5. Great job, Sarah, you're the MAMA!!

  6. Nice work! Firm but loving ;)

  7. Chrissy- Aw man! I know how that feels! Ari was/is getting up 6-7 times a night. This made me just throw him in bed with me in the first place. When he was in bed with me he would actually sleep! I hope your boy continues to stay in bed for you!

    Gry- Thanks to our conversation, I am on the road to sleep recovery! YAY!! Bless your cotton socks!

    Seetheorun- Thanks lady! I try, try! It's a process to be sure.


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