Friday, March 26, 2010

"Button Nose" Provides Zipper Practice

In the past week or so, Ari has discovered how to unzip his pajamas. He can't do it all the way, but the fact that he has this skill at all thrills him.

Today he unzipped my hoody a thousand times. Then I had an idea. I remembered this cloth book I bought for him a while back. Usually, I don't buy books in the store, I get them at stoop sales or as hand-me-downs, but this book was too cool to pass up.

It's called: Button Nose.

Each page provides a different clothing assembly skill to practice including: buttons, snaps, zippers and laces.

I pointed Ari in the direction of the zipper page.

To make this task even more fun, I put my keys inside of the zippered pocket. Then he was determined to get them out.

And then he succeeded.

For more information on Button Nose, click the button picture below:

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  1. It is such a cool book! And Nina Laden is cool too!

  2. I remember that book, or one just like it. God, how time flies. Today my kid was READING to me.

  3. It looks like a great book. I had one like that when I was a kid.

  4. Bernthis- I can't wait for the moment in time when Ari starts to read to me!

    Kyndale- It's such an awesome book. Do you remember the book you had as a kid? What was it called?


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