Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Draw a "Choo-Choo"

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a "choo-choo?" Well wonder no more! This video will allay any fears about train drawing that you might have. You will end up with a satisfied customer. Watch and learn!

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  1. I needed to learn this : )
    I love that you don't have comment verification. It is so annoying! : )
    I think I will view one more post JUST because I don't have to do word verification : )

  2. I hate comment verification!!! I can never read the captchas!

  3. Thanks for the choo choo lesson. Wooooooooo

  4. After all, you got into La Guardia for Art...(Jewish mother)

  5. I did get in for art! Although I was asked to draw a breakfast scene for that audition, not a train. Clearly, this illustration would have granted me a spot in the art department.


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