Thursday, March 4, 2010

Epilogue: My Doctor Explains What Happened To Me

Now I have an explanation for what happened to me yesterday. My doctor tells me that after the rubber band procedure, where my hemorrhoid died and fell off, there was a scab remaining. Usually (in the majority of these surgeries) the scab heals and you never hear from that hemorrhoid again. However, in 3% of these surgeries, the scab falls off and there is a rupture of sorts. This is what happened to me. That being said, if you get your hemorrhoid removed, let's hope that you are not in this 3 %!

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  1. don't you love when some super, rarely-occurring thing happens to you? Like me with my Lichen Sclerosis, like 97% of people who get are menopausal. Yay me for having an old lady body.

  2. Absolutely! I hear you, woman! I am (without a doubt) in the 3% range of "things that never happen to other people." As a general rule, if the doctor says "Generally this doesn't happen but..." it will inevitably happen to me.

    What is Lichen Sclerosis? I want to know! I totally feel like an old lady, most of the time!

  3. I hear you too. Thanks for every day the body holds up.

  4. Seriously. I like what you said, in reflection, which was that:

    "We have to take care of ourselves, this is a lesson in the fact that we have to take better care of ourselves, Saree."


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