Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Visit to The Staten Island Museum

It was raining this morning when I woke up, but (despite the rain) I felt an intense need to get out of the house. I turned to my friend, the internet, to find free and/or low cost activities to do with Ari today. I found the Staten Island Museum. It stated that admission was $3 and FREE on Tuesdays after Noon. So Ari and I threw our belongings together, got in the car and off we went to Staten Island!

We arrived on Staten Island and made it to the museum!

Unfortunately, there was no place to park. So we drove around for a bit. I had an unfortunate incident with my coffee this morning, I ran out of milk and made the mistake of trying to add buttermilk to my daily dose of caffeine. Needless to say, I remained un-caffeinated for the duration of the morning. I was feeling it, at this point, and then...I saw it.

But, there was still no place to park. So I did what any other savvy New Yorker would do. I parked illegally.

Okay, I know, I shouldn't have done it. But I desperately needed coffee and Ari was starving and requesting a muffin, which he got and promptly rejected.

Ari insisted on driving back to the museum, himself.

Fortunately for all of us involved, the key was not in the ignition. Finding parking was so tough, I had to call in reinforcements. Donna, my fabulous friend and native Staten Islander, advised me that I could find parking near Curtis High School. She was right! I parked and (after asking three high school boys for directions) we walked a short distance to the museum. I noticed that the Staten Island Museum had a lovely courtyard.

We entered the museum and we were ready to explore.

In case you're interested in visiting, here is the admission information:

Upon entering, I met Seth Wollney, Public Programs Associate. He was so friendly, and happy to give me some historical background information on The Staten Island Museum. Seth told me and Ari that The Staten Island Museum was classified as a "General Interest Museum." The museum's themes are Art History and Science. All of the Staten Island Museum's artifacts are local and relevant to Staten Island. The museum offers programs for children ages eight and up.

When you enter the museum, there is a huge butterfly display. Ari was immediately transfixed by it.

What I was immediately struck by, was how kind and child-friendly the staff at The Staten Island Museum was. Kristin Leyko, a museum employee, took time out of her busy day to give us an tour of the museum. She was really great with Ari too.

The Security Guard was lovely too. She showed Ari some cicada bugs.

Kristin took us all around the museum and along the way, told us about the museum's history. The Staten Island Museum began as "The Staten Island Institute For Arts and Sciences." It was founded in 1918. The founders were William T. Davis and John J. Crooke.

Both were scientists, but Davis was a Natural Scientist, primarilly concerned with birds and other animals.

Crooke focused on plants and minerals. He was an engineer, and interested in the process of invention.

Ari loved exploring the museum, and pointing out various natural artifacts.

Although Ari is pictured climbing stairs here, please note, there is an elevator!
Ari had a wonderful time at The Staten Island Museum. In fact, he had so much fun, that on the way home this happened:

For more information on the Staten Island Museum, click here.


  1. The glowing rocks! Did you think of me and my blog about glowing rocks? I'm sure you did, cause I'm a very memorable being :)

    I took a class on the Victorian age, those boxes freak me out. Little boxes of death LOL!

    The museum looks super cool though! I'm a total museum-lover.

  2. I think I may have commented om your glowing rock blog. Or did you tell me abour a glow in the dark lake in Puerto Rico? You are a memorable being!

  3. Whoa! That place is soo much cooler than how I remembered it. Thanks for the awesome picture diary!

  4. You're welcome! Thank you for your awesome directions!


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