Sunday, September 5, 2010

F#$$ You Hormones!

Today I got upset. I can't disclose the details of why I got upset, because they reveal events to come. But I was so upset that I started bawling. Wil got the brunt of this "upset-ness" because he was there.

I happen to still be at his family's house, so I was lying there in his sister's bed crying. I called Mint. It went straight to voicemail. I called my dad.

My dad was the rational brain I needed, since (at the moment) I have no brain. The fetus is sucking all life from me.

He calmed me down. I laughed. I hung up. After I was done talking to my dad on the phone, Wil's sister continued to calm me down in person.

Then it occurred to me, that my hormones had taken over. I had legitimate things to be upset about, but the level of upset that I got was disproportionate. It was then that I knew, It must be my hormones!

When us women-folk get our periods, it lasts for approximately five days, and then we become human again. Pregnancy (on the other hand) is like a nine month long period equipped with erratic and uncontrollable mood swings.

So, I would like to address my hormones for a moment:

Hormones, I have something to say...F$$$ you!

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  1. I had some crazy hormone situations when I was pregnant, but my period moods are worse! I actually get bitchy about 2 days before my period even starts - that's my signal to get the tampons out! LOL jk.

    I'm sorry you were so upset, but now I'm curious as to what the "events to come" are. Also, I think it's so neat that you can call and talk to your dad about stuff, good father/daughter relationships seem to be rare. I talk to my dad on the phone probably once a year, and it's awkward the entire time.

  2. I think I'm now at the age where everything is dictated by hormones and it's quite awful. I can't tell if it's something "real" like things I'm doing etc... or fluctuating hormones. Fuckers!

  3. Amanda- Yes my periods were terrible too, as well as the moods associated with them.

    Harriet- They are fuckers. It seems that from the age of 12 on, women are forced to deal with them in some way shape or form. There's no escaping them.

  4. Oh, and I am so glad I can actually talk to my dad!

  5. Lol!! We talked about this today!! Yea...hormones. They say you get worse BEFORE the period, hence PMS. (pre) I didn't think I did, but Chaim says I do. So that's that. I also don't really talk to my dad but I make Chaim do it. Or really he does it now on his own even when I say don't! :P

  6. I got worse before my period, actually. But I was so preoccupied feeling crappy that I would never realize it was PMS until I got my period. Then I would be like "Oh! That's why I was so sad and angry and craving chocolate!"


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