Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Can't Give Something and Then Take it Back Part II

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I wrote to when they rudely rescinded an offer for $20 worth of free food and a free rotisserie chicken. See previous post here.

Well, it looks like I may get my free chicken after all! However, their justification for the email error still strikes me as bizarre. Take a look at their response:

Dear Sarah Fader,

I definitely understand your frustration. You are a valued customer, so I am going to specifically add your account to this deal, and if you’ve spent $300 in January, you will receive an e-mail from us with the $20 discount code during the first week of February.

I’d also like to address the concern of why this offer was sent to some customers and not all. The e-mail was intended to be a test offer for a very small audience of less frequent shoppers, but the email was sent to a large group by accident. Though we are truly grateful for the loyalty of customers like you, we simply can’t afford to extend this offer to all our customers.

In addition, I want to confirm that the promotion code you received for waiving the delivery fee on your next order (or adding an extra week to your Delivery Pass) will also work for you. Simply enter code FREEDEL74 when you checkout before February 15.

Again, I am sorry for the confusion and frustration this error caused. Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes,

Karen C.
Director, Customer Service Group


  1. What's "bizarre" about their explanation?

  2. Why is this a "thought"?

  3. Well, I don't really get what they're asking/telling me. They are saying if I spend more than $300, I get the coupon. Which is great. But is this part of the offer in the first place, or are they asking me to make an additional step to qualify for the offer.

    I don't get it.

    I changed "comments" to "thoughts" for fun!

  4. What is bizarre is that they "can’t afford to extend this offer to all our customers." But appear to be a very lucrative company.

    Additionally, it was their error that resulted in the email being sent. In my opinion they cannot undo what they did. All those that received the email are rightfully entitled to the offer as it stands.

    If they do not offer it to those customers, it does not seem right to me. Just my opinion.

  5. You go, Sarah! You're very assertive when it comes to things like this and you usually get results!

  6. You tell them! Take that Fresh Direct! Seriously, they should look before hitting the send button.

  7. Thanks Jack! That really means a lot to me! I don't like it when companies are thoughtless to their customers. I try my best!

    Donna- They really need to do that! Come on FreshDirect! Step it up!

  8. It sounds to me like one person, a human, within the company made a mistake by sending it to the wrong customer list - I'm not sure why the company, which is made up of many humans whose jobs could be affected, should be punished as a whole for what is likely one person's error.
    Even if they are doing well as a company, they still have a budget. That e-mail could have been sent to hundreds or people. Who knows?

    I think you were right to assert yourself and say you still wanted the coupon, but I also think their reply sounds honest and understandable. Maybe this is because of my retail-brain? I also understand why they would send out the "this was a mistake" e-mail. Most people will just accept it and they will likely make less enemies than the money they will save.

  9. One person did send the email. Unfortunately, that one person who sent the email, sent out an email THAT REPRESENTS the entire company. Too bad for them.

    While I do agree that their reply is honest, I think it is a little bit TOO honest.

    I don't need to know about their marketing strategies. I don't need to know that the email was "was intended to be a test offer for a very small audience of less frequent shoppers."

    This was gratuitous information. The point is they made a mistake and they need to lie in it.


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