Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Milk Update

After much ado about milk, I have finally resigned to giving my son chocolate milk. I tried multiple products and banged my head against the wall trying to solve this milk dilemma, and I finally just caved and gave him the sugary stuff.

I don't blame the little guy, he wants his milk to have flavor! Additionally it doesn't appear to have the psychotic inducing affect that the chocolate powder mentioned in my previous post did!

At least it's the organic kind, and it had added vitamins A and D. And he loves it! Can you see his devious grin in the background of the above picture?

Here are the ingredients and nutritional values for those who are interested and having toddler milks issues of their own:

When I run out of the pre-made stuff, I use this syrup with organic whole milk:


  1. They also sell fortified non-dairy milk products (+vit A, D, E & Calcium)...also available in chocolate and stuff. Maybe he'd like plain rice milk or almond? Probably not if he isn't used to it. Just a thought though. I hope my daughter likes rice, almond, hazelnut, hemp, or soy milk cause that's all she's gettin'!

  2. I wanna try chocolate almond milk! He didn't like the plain almond milk. But maybe he would like chocolate almond milk? He is a particular fellow! Yeah, you are vegan right?

  3. Choc Almond is good but even yummier is Choc Hazelnut!

  4. Amanda-- Chocolate Almond Hazelnut or just chocolate hazelnut?

    Elisheva- I, too, love chocolate soy milk! Silk is my fave!

  5. Lol sorry, just Choc Hazelnut. Choc Almond Hazelnut, that would be dope!

  6. All I know is he is gobbliing down milk with a big smile on his face!


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