Monday, January 4, 2010

My Baby Can Talk!

You heard it here first: My son woke up this morning, walked into the living room and said these three things in this order:

"Where's da wa-wa?"

[He pauses to look around for his water bottle]

[He finds the water bottle on the coffee table]

"There's da wa-wa!"

[He examines the water bottle for a moment]

"This is wa-wa!"

After this occurred, I freaked out and ran into the bedroom to tell Wilhelm. His response:

"That's cool."


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! SO WIL! He needs to be so relaxed to create a harmony.

    In other news, CONGRATS! :D That is so exciting! Let me tell you, it just goes from here; he'll be talking more and more each day!

  2. How amazing it is to watch a being learn language. Hooray for Ari. Unbelievable. Fun. Exciting.

  3. Sooo adorable! Three sentences instead of just a first word - incredible!

  4. Cordy-- I know! I can't wait to see what else he comes out with.

    Mom- Oh Ari, he's a boy!

    Xy Xy- Three sentences indeed. I am so thrilled.

  5. I require audio. Or a live performance.

  6. Yeah, it's too bad I didn't catch it on audio OR video!! But there will no doubt be a live performance coming your way ;)

  7. So glad that it can just happen one morning. I am sure my little one will wake up and say something like, Mama, your hair needs to be brushed. At this point I would be satisfied with Mama, but I can always dream of more. We are all proud of Ari -- it is, indeed, cool.

  8. Awww! Thanks Dunky! However, after those three sentences, he has gone back to his alien language.

    I miss Nelson! He gives me hugs :)

  9. Sounds like my husband! The first time my daughter Tahira laughed, like outLOUD, I was like OMG THIS IS AMAZING and I was flipping out and Yasir (my hubs) was like "cool". I beat him up for that.


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