Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Invisibility is the New Black" An Interview With Charlotte Bacon

On New Years Eve leading into 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting novelist and mother Charlotte Bacon at a Dunkin' Donuts near Grand Central Terminal. Ms. Bacon was accompanied by her shockingly well-mannered 10 year old son, Toby, and her lovely psychologist friend, Rebecca.

We hit it off, exchanged contact info, and she agreed to let me and my friend and fellow blogger, Donna, interview her. We chose Barnes and Noble as the setting for the interview. We thought it fitting since she is a writer after all.

I asked Charlotte if she had a website I could link to on this post. She said she did not and commented:

"Sarah, invisibility is the new black." In the tradition of famous writers across the world, she would rather stay incognito that indulge in self-promotion.

I adore Charlotte Bacon. She has so much insight to bring to the table on parenting, education, travel, and more. She provided so much valuable information on tape, that I had to break up the interview into multiple parts. Here is part one:


  1. O wow! I love it! I want to hear the second story! lol.

  2. FYI Part II and III of the Interview are now posted here:


  3. It was such a pleasure to listen and watch Ms. Bacon in this interview. She has so much to say about parenting that will certainly be helpful to your readers. I love her spirit and her acceptance for kids and for parents. Looking forward to interview II and III.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Charlotte is an amazing human being!


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