Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I was told by multiple sources that it was time to transition my son to a "big boy bed" when he was able to successfully climb out of his crib by himself. I met a mom in Dunkin' Donuts who gave me a great idea to get him comfortable with this new space.

She suggested that I sit with him on the bed and tell him just how cool his bed was and how all his animals were there, nobody had a bed like he had, and it was an awesome place to be. This is what I did.

I read him a few stories on the bed. He was so cranky at the time that I was trying to make the bed look amazing, that he screamed through "Good Night Moon" and "Pat The Bunny."

Eventually he lay down and I rubbed his head until he fell asleep. He woke up an hour later and I went into the room and repeated the head rubbing process. He went right back to sleep. I think he likes his new bed!

Pictured Below is My Son Asleep in His Bed
We Have a Crib That Converts into a Toddler Bed- Hence the Bars...


  1. yuh never know where you will get your next piece of enlightenment = like Dunkin Doughnuts. That certainly was helpful information for your current situation and it worked like a charm. Muahhhh. (that's a kiss.)_

  2. I am here catching up on the bed saga.

    I love that copy of 'Goodnight Moon' jammed into the headboard. It looks like he fell asleep reading it or something.

  3. He is completely obsessed with that book. HA HA!


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