Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Babysitter is Not 30...But I Am!

I stayed home with my son for the first year of his life. When my son turned a year, I began working on a per diem basis for the NYC Department of Education as a substitute teacher. My parents have been gracious enough to babysit when I am working. But they are retired and I feel like I am cutting into their "golden years."

I mean, they are hippies. And what do cool hippie grandparents do in New York City? They go to Wednesday matinees at the theater, they check out a movie, when they feel like it, they garden, they go hear former Governor Cuomo speak. You get the point.

My mom has been telling me for months to find a back up babysitter. She suggested a high school student. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I keep feeling like mentally and emotionally I, myself, am still in high school. I can still pull off pig tails.

But the reality is, I'm 3o years old. And when I wear my hair down, you can tell.

Anyhow, a colleague of mine has a lovely daughter who is in high school and babysits. She agreed to babysit for my son for a reasonable rate.

When I met her, I was forced to admit to myself that I am not in high school. I'm getting older, people. Not to say that 30 is "old" by any means. But the difference between her and I is clear. This girl looks great! She's in great shape, skinny, can probably eat an entire pan of brownies and not gain a pound, her hair is long and fantastic looking and she wears stylish yet sophisticated looking glasses.

I came home from picking my son up, looked in the mirror and realized that I am not 17 anymore. But my babysitter is...


  1. I hate those kind of people, eating brownies all day and weighing a buck fifteen.

    I cannot believe you're 30, seriously. That's only 12 years younger than my parents and they look 100 years old (to me). You look hot.

  2. That is so nice! Thanks, Amanda. I would like to think I'm hot! My parents are older but look young!


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