Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Friend, The NuvaRing

I've had some negative experiences with birth control in the past. After having my son, however, I want to make sure that I do not become pregnant for a while. My best friend, Mint, recommended the NuvaRing.

The NuvaRing, pictured here, is the most physically and emotionally comfortable form of birth control I have ever used.

In the past, the pill made me hyper-emotional, have chronic yeast infections and gain weight. The NuvaRing has not given me such issues so far.

When I first thought about using the NuvaRing, I was reluctant and scared to do so because I didn't understand how to insert it properly. Mint taught me a trick which is pictured above.

Make the NuvaRing into a figure 8 shape, then insert it like a tampon and release it. It will pop into place in a magical way!

As with any other birth control method, the NuvaRing does increase the risk of stroke (because your blood thickens when you are on birth control of any kind) and if you smoke, have high blood pressure or are over 35, or travel on an airplane very frequently (I'm talking like once a week) then this is a risky option for you. See the complete risk of women who should avoid NuvaRing here.

The thing is, when you become pregnant your risk of stroke is increased as well. Birth control is not the only factor involved in strokes.

If you do not fall into these high risk groups, I would sugest asking you GYN about the NuvaRing! For more information on NuvaRing, click here.


  1. Do you have to keep it refrigerated? My doctor always did and it came refrigerated from the pharmaceutical companies but my cousin uses it and never refrigerates hers so I dunno!

    Also, about the insertion...I'm getting the Diva Cup (like Cordy's Moon cup!) soon and I'm so scared to use it!

  2. I'm glad you've found a method that works for you. It's intriguing to see the NuvaRing, it doesn't look anything like I expected.

    I am currently using a Mirena IUD and I love it. It was mildly uncomfortable when it was inserted and for a few days after, but now it's a complete no-brainer and I'm good for 5 years. Sa-weet!

  3. Yes, the ring has to be refrigerated. I'm not sure why...

  4. Amber- Do you like the Mirena? That five year situation is amazing!!! I have a few friend that had IUDs actually fall out on them!

    But I considered doing the IUD thing. That's awesome though! You are set, woman!

  5. Oh, and Amanda, I had heard of the diva cup for years. I've just been too lazy to try it. I did use these for a while:

  6. Your body heat is what releases the hormones - hence keeping it in the fridge. Also why if you have to rinse it off it has to be gently with cold water.

  7. Oh! That makes sense! How does it work exactly? Where do the hormones go? Explain it to us Dr. Mint.

  8. Oh That I don't know. But can you please add an addendum that the super-best trick to putting it in involves an additional twist not shown in that picture?
    I couldn't find a picture yet.


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