Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take The Number 92 Bus From Plan City

My son has a vehicular preoccupation. I blame this mostly on my mom, who continues to buy him cars and trucks from the Salvation Army and stoop sales. He even has a giant toy garage (that my mom bought for $3.00 from one of the aforementioned sources) where he houses many of his vehicles. The garage is giant and yellow and beeps a lot.

His current vehicle of choice, his favorite mode of transportation is....the bus.

The number 92 bus, which only operates out of "Plan City" and whose route is unknown is Ari's favorite vehicle these days.

He loves to collect his cars and trucks, but most of all he loves to add the bus to the mix:

In fact, this bus is so special, that someone on amazon.com is selling it for $88.00! See link below:

I bought the number 92 bus from Lulu's, a local toy store, for $7.95. But it is priceless, because my son loves it with all his heart.

If you or someone you love has a bus fascination, this product is the way to go. For more information on the number 92 bus from Plan City click here.


  1. I just finished looking at the looking at "Take The Number 92 Bus From Plan City".That boy is so cute! I love that Ari loves the bus. 88.00 vs 7.95 amazing!

  2. $88.00! I couldn't believe it. But you know, it's the price you pay for a good bus these days...I guess.. ;)

  3. He loves that bus! 88 bux is alot! Im glad he loves that bus!!

  4. He really does love that bus! This morning, the first thing he said was "Bus!"


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