Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Moxie Spot Part II

I wrote a previous post about The Moxie Spot, a restaurant and play space in Brooklyn, NY. My best friend Mint took my son here (while I was at work) and he had the best time, as evidenced by the photos below, which she just had a opportunity to send me.

These pictures also give you an idea of what the play space at The Moxie Spot looks like. Take a look at Ari's busy day:

After we left The Moxie Spot, Mint and I happened open a flower shop that was giving out free flowers based on what your name was.

Mint's birth name is "Diane" not "Diana," but she managed to score some flowers anyway. Thanks Floral Heights!

For more information on The Moxie Spot, click here.


  1. Why does she go by Mint? It's an awesome nickname, I've just been curious.

  2. It's not a nickname, if we meet someday I'll tell you the story ;)

  3. Well damn, now I'm even more curious!

  4. HA HA! Now you have to come visit us to find out the REAL answer!


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