Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Comfort of a Comforter: Ikea Lenn Comforter and Crib Pillow Review

After my son turned 15 months, I was advised by his pediatrician that he could use a comforter. My thoughts on the matter: "It's about time!"

There is much controversy over using substantial blankets with babies one year and younger; so I was thrilled when I got the green light to go ahead and buy a quilt for my child. I kept feeling like the crib was missing a little something comfy and cozy.

Then, by the grace of the blanket deities, I was introduced to the Ikea Lenn comforter and crib pillow-- featured here below with the the Korall Bubblor duvet and pillow case covers.

The first time I spotted the Lenn comforter and crib pillow was at my friend Gry's house. Her son had them in his crib. She gushed about how comfortable and afordable these items were. (The Lenn comforter at $14.99 and crib pillow at $5.99). I throughly harrassed her until she coughed up the information on how to purchase these items.

Unfortunately, you can't order them online. You have to purchase them in the actual Ikea store. However, you can go online and check to see if your local Ikea store has the items in stock. Click here on the word comforter and pillow for the links to these items.

Both the Lenn comforter and crib pillow are safe to use for children 12 months and older. My son is 18 months, so he's good to go.

There are duvet and pillow case covers available in multiple patterns. When you visit Ikea, head to the Children's textiles department and ask for assistance.

My son loves his new comforter and pillow. He seems so much more cozy in his bed now that they've arrived.


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