Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Pat The Bunny" : A Classic Book Lives On

"Pat the Bunny" has been in print for over 60 years. See info here. I have vivid memories of my mom reading it to me when I was a child. The "Pat the Bunny" tradition has continued as my brother and sister in-law gave me a copy for my 30th birthday present. The card attached read something like "For you to share with Ari."

What's funny is that my friend Josina and I were recently discussing this classic book. When her son, Nelson, was born she was bombarded with multiple copies of "Goodnight Moon." But no one bothered to throw in a "Pat the Bunny." I commiserated with her lack of "Pat the Bunny-dom." Until my brother and sister in-law filled the void.

Before receiving my own copy of "Pat the Bunny," I tried to request it at the library; but received a curious response. The children's librarian informed me that because "Pat the Bunny" is a touch and feel book with multiple textures, it is a liability. Apparently children could injure the book and it could potentially injure them if they were allergic to the particular textures in it. I found this all very bizarre.

Thankfully, I have my very own copy now. And my son loves it. See for yourself:

Here is a link to purchase the original Pat The Bunny book on


  1. Okay, am I remembering the wrong book? I don't remember other animals, I remember "stroke daddy's scratchy beard" and there is sandpaper, and try on mommy's ring and there is a hole in the book and something where you lift a curtain, and of course, the bunny. Is that the same book? I dunno if I still have mine.

  2. No no! You are remembering the right one! This is a board book version from Golden Books. I, too, remember "dad's scratchy beard" etc. Also I think there may have been a shiny ring. The original was a softer paper-like book with multiple textures besides fur. This one has fur only.

  3. Ah Pat The Bunny, remembrances of things past, present again. That is what happens when you are a grandparent. I really enjoyed the video, Ari's joy in hearing the book read, and you reading it.


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