Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Playdates

Today we had two fun playdates, one with my friend Gry and her son Luka:

Gry has this smock/bib that she uses for Luka when he eats. I love this thing! I tried it out on Ari and he actually kept it on! I guess it's not like a traditional bib, it's more like a shirt. So, he was okay with wearing it.

I would love to copy her and purchase the smock bib for myself, but unfortunately, she bought it in Norway. Sad!

After Ari's nap, my friend Alli came over to my place with her son, Aaron. They spent the majority of their time pushing each other in the Cozy Coupe, while Alii and I talked about astrology.

And there was a Cozy Coupe collaboration....

Ah Mondays....


  1. Is the smock bib thing made out of oilcloth or a similar waterproofed cloth? Seems like someone of us crafty mamas could figure out how to make one, non? Thanks for your comment on my blog--I had to check yours out! The colonial kids are fun to make. I made one for my daughter last year and my son and a friend of ours this year. They must be fun to wear too, because they all like to wear them around! blessings!

  2. The smock bib is water proof! It has an oily residue on the material. I can't claim to be crafty enough to know what kind of material that is, however I bet you're right; some crafty mama could totally make it.

    Aww! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Is that a picture of a bong on the smock bib? I know those europeans are pot friendly.. but this is a little extreme.

  4. You know, Zahir, I wouldn't be surprised. You never know what happens when you combine Europe and a smock/bib...

  5. What a fun and social day! What could be better? Pretty young for automobiles. Cute pictures.


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