Monday, November 16, 2009

The Independent Party of The House

My son has shown a penchant for independence at a very young age. I am writing this post so that I can remember these funny behaviors when my memory ceases to exist at a later time in life.

Four Months: Gave up his pacifier without being coaxed to do so
Four Months: Slept through the night
Six Months: Gave up bottle with pumped Breast Milk. Would only nurse exclusively
14 Months: Refused to be fed. Insisted upon feeding himself, spoon and all...

16 Months: Refused to let anyone hold a book other than himself. He would also be responsible for turning the pages

18 Months: Refused to wear a bib
18 Months: Became the pickiest eater known to the human race

And the independent behavior continues. I am looking forward to seeing how he develops and what his new idiosyncrasies are.


  1. I'm still stuck on "four months, slept through the night." Sigh. I don't think any of mine have done that, um, ever.

  2. Ha ha! I hear you, Kate. The sleeping thing could be a blog unto itself. Email me! I'll tell you all about it ;)


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