Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rode a Bike at Brooklyn New School and Learned to Recycle One Too!

Yesterday, I was present for a tremendous charitable event. The Netherlands Ministry of Transport donated 400 bicycles to Recycle-a-Bicycle, a non-for-profit organization that takes donated old bicycles and parts and fixes them up to sell in their retail stores.

This donation took place at The Brooklyn New School, a progressive public elementary school on the border of Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, where I was subbing. The reason for the donation: to teach children (who don't know already) how to ride a bike through a community organization called "Learn to Ride."

Because of the Dutch government's generosity, I too was afforded the opportunity to ride one of the bikes, as were permanent teachers and the entire 5th grade class.

Thank you Netherlands!

According to Camiel Eurlings, Minister of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management in The Netherlands (who spoke at Brooklyn New School's event) bicycling is so popular in The Netherlands, that the amount of bicycles nearly out numbers the Dutch population.

The Learn to Ride effort began at The Brooklyn New School. It was great to see children who had never gotten on a bicycle before have the opportunity to do so.

I told the representative at Recycle-a-Bicycle that I hope to purchase my son's first bicycle from them someday.

For more information on Recycle-a-Bicycle click here. For information on The Brooklyn New School, click here.

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  1. Hooray for the Netherlands, Brooklyn New School, Recycle-a-bike, and the blogger for telling us all about this interesting activity. (I once gave a bike to RAB to rehab it.


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