Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ready For a Bed?

Last night I saw something amazing, my son climbed out of his pack 'n play.
I attempted to place him back in the crib to see if this incident was a fluke. But the moment his feet touched the Pack 'n Play mattress, he began to scale the walls and he was out of the crib once again.

So I put him back in the crib and left the room. But one minute later, I heard knocking on the door of the room he was in. He had gotten out of the crib and was trying to get out of the room.

I called his pediatrician for advice.
"Well," she said "It looks like he's ready for a big boy bed!"
"Really?" I replied "But he's only 20 months old!"

She insisted that since my son is able to escape the confines of his crib, the next natural step is to put him in a toddler bed.

I am still unsure of what to do. Any thoughts?


  1. Benjy did the same thing at the same age! I told the doctor that I am the one NOT ready for a big boy bed. The doctor told me, "Well, are you waiting for him to fall and break his neck?" I got him a toddler bed. It took a lot of adjusting! He had to learn that he was NOT ALLOWED to leave his room until Mommy opened the door. I knew I could not keep him IN his bed but maybe i could teach him to at least stay in the room. But we did have a long road ahead of us. maybe read some articles about it.

  2. I remember you telling me this story and thinking that Benjy was super advanced! I guess the doctor is right though, better safe than sorry. If he can already climb out of the crib I might as well just put him in a bed. But I am concerned that he will end up in the floor in the morning! Did that happen to Benjy?

  3. As pooh said "The adventure begins."

  4. He WILL end up un the floor. I did buy one of those safety rails and that helped a little.
    But don't worry because those beds are only a foot or so off the ground. He'll eventually learn how to stay in bed like we do. Trust me. With a kid like Ari, this is the easy part. I told you that bright children are the hardest to raise!

  5. Ha ha ha! I guess he's already started giving me a run for my money! By the way, when this happened, I IMMEDIATELY thought of you. The first thought that entered my head was "Benjy climbed out of his crib at one!"

  6. And yes, mama, the adventure begins! ;)

  7. I put my daughter in a 'big kid bed' at 19 months. Actually, it was a double bed so that I could be in there with her if she needed me, since having her spend some part of the night in our bed was no longer working. We didn't really have any problems, but to be fair she wasn't really an explorer, and I didn't leavee her alone to fall asleep.

    This is a transition that you're going to have to make eventually, and it seems like Benjy's decided that it's time. Good luck!

  8. Thanks Amber. Actually, Ari is my son, Benjy is Alana's boy who is now a teenager! But anyway, the double bed idea is a great one!

  9. YC is starting to climb things, its really cute. I'm actually just waiting for the day he figures out how to climb out of the crib. It may be a while though, because I put him to sleep in a baby sleeping bag and it makes it that much harder. I can't wait to get a toddler bed for him!!

  10. I never saw this comment! I love the idea of a baby sleeping bag!


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