Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a Little Patience

Working with five year olds has been a lot of fun, but I have also grown emotionally from this experience. I realized my emotional growth spurt had occurred after an interaction I had with my boyfriend.

"Babe," he said (yes he really does call me that) "You have a bad habit of leaving the fridge door open."

Previous to working with children I would have snapped at him and said something like:
"If you see it's open, then close it!"

Or something to that effect.

Because I have to tie many little shoes, wait for little bodies to "line up" and generally assist these kids with their day-to-day routines, I have become a more patient person. I think one central element involved here is the patient kind of communication used with five year olds. Being direct helps, but remaining sensitive to their feelings is also essential.

I subconsciously used the same sort of communication I use with the kids with my boyfriend.
When he made the remark about the fridge, instead of replying flippantly, I (in all sincerity) said the following:

"Thank you for telling me that! I'll try not to do it in the future."

Either I've evolved as a human being, or there is something seriously wrong with me.


  1. It's so true! The little ones definitely respond better to a smile a sticker for good behavior than being snapped at. Strangely enough I use the same thing with the dog. He gets treats for listening, and gets ignored for misbehaving.

  2. Dogs are like humans. Humans love dogs. I love both!

  3. I like the using it on the boyfriend idea too...:)

  4. They need a little training every now and again!

  5. I realized its happening to me too. eek! We're becoming 'grown-ups!'


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