Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Can't Dance Because I Never Crawled!


  1. This is fabulous!!!! Great blog and great interview! But I have a question! Isn't walking 'bilateral' movement? He said that crawling was, moving one side then the other, but walking uses one leg and then the other as well. Maybe crawling just does it more? You would think its more advanced to walk then crawl so walking at all is a plus. :) Hahaha! He is funny, you've got PLENTY of soul girl!! (The words are a little cut off on the right too, idk if you knew!)

  2. Thanks Cordy! I think the words should be okay now. The video was still processing. Let me know if they still are.

    It's weird right? Apparently crawling has a huge impact on us, some might say an even greater one than walking.

    Oh, and I got soul. I just keep that one on the down low ;P

  3. Wow, this was great soul girl. I loved that there were so many parts to it. Still photos, video, old shots, new ideas, me!, a whole idea, interviews. It was terrific that you could integrate all those things. Keep up the good work.

  4. This is interesting! Thanks for the interview.

    I crawl with my son all the time :D I'm pleased to know its good for me too! Hopefully I won't have to do it too long, my knees are 80 years old even though I'm 24. Til the next baby anyways..

    LOL at the 'no soul' comment. Was he being sarcastic? I can't figure it out. haha!

    Oh apparently crawling and walking uses different sets of muscles - the muscles that contract with crawling need to relax with walking. Or something like that.

  5. He has a dead pan delivery, but yeah he was being silly and sarcastic ;).

    Crawling is fun for adults too! I, like you, enjoy crawling around with my son...although he has moved onto walking at this point.

    But he still occasionally crawls when he feels it will be quicker.

  6. I read from a few pediatricians that the crawling thing is proving to be a myth, but I think that really depends on who you ask. My dad walked at 9 months (never crawled) and he failed Kindergarten because he had terrible motor skills. Coincidence? Maybe...but probably not.


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