Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Love Affair With Walmart

Being a city girl, I am relatively ignorant with regard to what the stores of suburbia have to offer. On my journey to Texas, I have been introduced to Walmart.

It was love at first sight. Walmart is truly a super store. I believe Walmart to be a combination grocery, clothing, electronics and everything you could ever imagine store.

Here are my purchases from today:

Robe: $15 - On sale from $18

Multi Car Set- $3.97

Hanes Body Creations- Underwear $9.00
Hanes Low Rise Briefs: $5.50
No Nonsense Socks $6.00

Tee Shirt- $5.00

P.Js- $4.00

Vasserette Bra- $10

Fruit of the Loom Bras- 2 pack - $5.00
Danskin Long John Shirt- $8.00

And one of my favorite shirts of all time:

Ocean Pacific Hoody - $12

When I return to Brooklyn I will be sad because I won't be able to afford anything.

When you visit suburbia go to Walmart and be happy. If you live in suburbia, thank whatever deity you believe in for Walmart.


  1. LOL! I HATE Walmart!!! Our people are SO rude, and I have big time issues with their practices, but yes, cheap stuff! We go sometimes when we have to, because it is cheap. I forget what we called that; some cycle of poorness lol.

  2. You are such a city girl! xoxo

  3. It looks like you had lots of fun. Ari too. Oh how he loves cars. Maybe as much as you love hoodies. Glad you enjoyed just being able to buy it all for fun.

  4. Cordy-I don't know about the Walmart practices
    Please do tell!

    XyXy- I am totally a city girl.

    Mom- He loves cars as much as I love hoodies. Good call.

  5. Well I hear they treat their employees badly and they strike a lot. Also I don't think they are sweatshop free if you know what I mean. They pollute a lot too I've heard. :\ But that's how you get cheap stuff. It sucks!

  6. Yep Walmart don't exactly have ethical practices, but I still spend a fortune on stuff every time we visit NY. Oops :-I

    Last time we were there we got YC a pack n play that came with cool accessories, clothes for me, makeup (for me too - clearly - lol), toys. etc etc etc!!! and it was like under $200. WOO HOO!


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