Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Jewish Xmas

Today, I celebrated what is known, in my family, as a "Jewish Xmas." This consists of eating Chinese food and watching a movie. When I was a kid we went to the movies. Today watched "Bring it On" on DVD.

Today's Jewish Xmas was extra special, because it was also my belated birthday celebration! My real birthday was actually in October, but my friend Staci and I weren't able to get together until today (December) to actually celebrate it!

First, the Chinese food:

On the way back my apartment we saw a large stoop ornament that Staci almost got into an altercation with:

Then we came back to my place to enjoy a chocolate birthday cake that Staci had purchased for the occasion, until we opened the cake box and found this:

The cake, however xmas-like it was, was delicious!

After the cake, our Jewish Xmas continued when Mint and Mike came over and gave Ari a belated Hanukah present! During the gift giving they(and Staci too) convinced Ari that it was okay to wear his hood, which he kept trying to unsuccessfully remove from his body

Happy Holidays Everybody!


  1. Happy Hanukah to the Hoodies. Sounds like a rock group. The cake was really good. Thanks Staci.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I was, what do you, Wil & Ari celebrate at home? Is Wil Jewish too? What religion will Ari be - or will he choose, or etc? I always think inter-religious relationships are awesome, but they seem hard too in a way.


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