Monday, May 16, 2011

This is What Four Months Looks Like

Samara will be four months old on Saturday, and I'm sitting here asking myself "How the hell did that happen?!" I feel like I was just in the hospital, giving birth. She is laughing, jumping and trying to stand, with some assistance, of course.

This girl is only four months old, and has already exhibited a fierce independent nature. She does not want to lay down, ever. She wants to stand at all times, and appears frustrated when she realizes that older people (than her) have to help to make this happen.

She's teething already! Just like Ari, who had teeth by four months, she is an early teether. But, unlike Ari, she hates the frozen wash cloth. She does love her amber teething necklace that my friend Amanda gave her.

She's sleeping in larger blocks at night. She'll sleep from 8pm to 3am. I'm dreaming of the time that she actually sleeps through the night.

It seems like things are happening so quickly with her. When I had Ari, I was waiting for him to do something; smile, laugh, sit up. I would stare at him for days waiting for him to change. Samara, on the other hand, keeps surprising me by doing something new. The other day, I realized that she could laugh. I thought to myself "Oh, you laugh now? When did that happen? Apparently it happened today!"

Maybe it's because I'm preoccupied chasing Ari around, making sure he pees in the toilet as opposed to on the floor and stopping him from murdering the cats.

Is this what happens with the second child? Does he/she essentially get ignored until he/she "does something interesting?"

Tell me, did your second kid start doing things "sooner?"


  1. Yes!! Lyla gets tons of attention, but when she was an infant I was preoccupied with Z. Making sure she ate, cleaning diapers (Both of theirs) and all that. :P Time just flies when you have kids to deal with!

  2. So true!! You just get preoccupied with the older one, and all of a sudden, the younger one is in college!


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