Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello City Hall

This morning, while the kids were asleep, Wil and I set out to City Hall to get our marriage license. When the children woke up, they were greeted by Grandpa and Grandma, who were watching them.

I can tell you a few things I noticed while in line at City Hall:

1. The chairs in the marriage license room smile.

2. Waiting in line is boring. But I entertained myself by taking 9 million pictures of ourselves. Here is the best one below. I deleted the rest of the 8,999,999 of them.

3. Wil thinks he is a bad ass, all the time.

4. We had no idea what the marriage license clerk said to us. We left the office with an undecipherable form. However, I do know this: we are one step closer to being Fader-Van Luyns!

We are now off to celebrate Ari's 3rd birthday! Stay tuned for a birthday post!


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