Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flying High With Recess Monkey

It's a constant challenge trying to find children's music that both Ari and I like. One fateful day in 2009, Ari and I found our favorite band, Recess Monkey! We've been in love ever since. Recess Monkey consists of three teachers, who also happen to be amazing musicians, from Seattle.

Jack Forman (who plays Bass and does vocals) and I kept in touch over time. I even made some silly videos of Ari with Recess Monkey playing in the background.

Mr. Forman even let me interview him for OS/NS Mom.

Here's Ari dancing to "My Favorite Book" one of the new tracks on their new album "Flying."

I was psyched when I got an email from Elizabeth, Recess Monkey's PR manager, with the news that "Flying" was available for review. I knew Ari would be pleased too.

Recess Monkey's "Flying" is a lot of fun, just like the rest of their albums. One of my favorite tracks from "Flying" is called "Invisible Friend." The song is a dialogue between a child and his imaginary friend. It's such a common childhood theme, and is so well illustrated in this track.

One of the best things about Recess Monkey's music is how danceable it is. You put their music on and you (and your kids for that matter) want to bust a move. Check out Ari (when he was 18 months old) dancing to their song "Fort."

The tracks on "Flying" are so much fun! They make you want to move your body. Another one of my favorites is "Bunk Bed." It's a doo-wop 50's-esque tune about sharing a bunk bed with a sibling; another common childhood theme, and brilliantly done musically.

Today is a particularly exciting day, because we are off to see Recess Monkey live! Stay tuned for pictures of the event.

"Flying" will be released on June 21, 2011. Buy it here on CD Baby!

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