Thursday, January 13, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

A long long time ago, in a village called Brooklyn, lived a new mother named Sarah Fader. She had a newborn named Ari and Pre-School was the furthest thing from her mind. She nursed her son, took walks with him, and enjoyed his smallness.

As he got older, she began to become more aware of Pre-Schools and how unaffordable they were.

Almost exactly two years after the birth of her son, she was with child again, and the idea of Pre-School returned to her mind.

Ari was no longer a sedentary being and craved social interaction. But alas, she did not have the financial means to tackle this Pre-School conundrum.

Then, she had a thought. She remembered that she wrote a blog. She thought that perhaps her readers might be able to suggest an affordable Pre-School option for her son who was growing bigger and more verbal by the minute.

So she turned to her readers and begged them to clue her in. Where should Ari go for Pre-School when he turns three?


  1. Obviously I can't help with that. But I would like to join in and complain that preschool is way too expensive. With 3 kids we'll never be able to send them all at once.

  2. Can you be upfront about what you consider affordable? People have a wide range of definitions for that word. I am so down for researching this!

  3. Essentially I can afford nothing. Maybe $100/ Month. It doesn't look good, realistically.

  4. I'm not sure about NY and the Headstart program...or if that is just a thing with NC. My sister has her kiddos in headstart preschool and I'm pretty sure that she doesn't have to pay a thing. Let me research it and get back with you.

  5. Okay! I found information on NYC and headstart programs, I didn't read through everything but I wanted to give you the website information so that you could look into it.


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