Friday, January 14, 2011

Capricorn or Aquarius

It's January 14th and I'm still pregnant. Technically my due date is February 1st, but Ari was three weeks early, so it is possible that this baby will choose to come early too...or not. Now, the important question to ask: will this baby be a Capricorn or an Aquarius?

If I give birth from today up until January 20th, I'll have a Capricorn girl. If I go into labor after the 20th, I'll have an Aquarius.

What do you guys think? Predictions?


  1. Have you heard about the NEW astrological signs? Apparently things have shifted...

  2. Yeah I was gonna say...the signs changed. I was a Gemini my whole life but I guess now I'm a Taurus.

  3. Actually, there is article on CNN stating the signs haven't changed (based on what the Western world follows). Thankful for this article since I was having a slight identity crisis yesterday:

  4. Amandas- Who knows? They'll probably change it again soon. Apparently I'm really a Virgo and not a Libra.

    Adrian- See! They did change it again!


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