Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've Decided

Lately I've been feeling anxious and ready to have this baby.

My doula and friend, Cori, gave me some words of wisdom. She said I should think about the baby coming late as opposed to early. That way, if the baby happens to come early, it will be a pleasant surprise. Otherwise, she noted, I'll keep thinking I'm in labor every single day, which (because I'm neurotic) I already do.

I'm 37 weeks now. I'm going to do something I never do, be patient.


  1. You look beautiful. I love your dress!!!

  2. Thank you ladydazy! It's from Target!

  3. I TOLD YOU!!! I didn't even let myself think of early labor. BUT that 41st week was hell, it's true. Thinking late is even better! Welcome to month 9! A new treat for you! Lol!

  4. When I was pregnant I was hoping as hard as I could for either an early delivery or right on my due date because I didn't want her to share her birthday with my sister. My labor started exactly on my due date and (almost 5 whole days later) I still ended up delivering on my sister's birthday. Wishful thinking helps but that baby makes the ultimate decision on when she will finally come. Just keep yourself busy. If you are anything like me, there is still a ton of stuff that would be better done now than after she arrives.

  5. Cordy- You're right! I know. It feels like hell now and it's only 37 1/2 weeks. But Ari is regressing so that doesn't help either.

    Kris- Yeah, the baby is going to come whenever she damn well pleases. GRRRRR!

  6. she will be here before you even realize it! Those last few weeks were the worst. ;) Meanwhile, all of your followers on here will be checking every day to see if you have posted that you are in labor!! *excited!!*


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