Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behavioral Interpretation Please!

I was checking my email, Samara was napping and Ari was frolicking about playing with his toys. All of a sudden, he zooms by me and I notice that he is completely naked and laughing his head off.

"Where is your diaper?" - Me
"I don't know!" -Ari - Cackles uncontrollably
"Did you take it off?" -Me
"Yeah!" -Ari

He proceeds to run naked throughout the house and refuses to wear a diaper or underwear. I ask him if he wants to use the potty and he confidently spouts "No please!"

"Mommy!" -Ari
"Yes?" - Me
"I went poopie." -Ari
"Where did you poop?" - Me
"Right there!" Ari - points to the hallway

At this point I check the hallway prepared for the worst. There is a puddle of pee in the hallway. I clean it up.

He declines a diaper for the next hour. Eventually, Wil cajoles him into wearing Toy Story pull ups.

What does it all mean?


  1. maybe he sees Samara with a diaper and doesn't want to wear one now? maybe he thinks they're for babies???

  2. Oh yeah! Good call! Well that's a step in the right direction. He doesn't want to use the stroller anymore. He ONLY wants to walk. So that's a similar thing.

  3. He's asserting some independence. Toilet training, here we come! :)

  4. Next time you go sing this song to the tune of his favorite song.

    It's time to go potty, it's time, it's time, it's time.
    It's time for mommy to go potty it's time it's time, it's time.

    Then go potty, as you are going, sing the song.

    Never ask them if they have to go. Never give them an opportunity to give a yes or no answer. It's always:

    "It's TIME for mommy to go potty."

    That way he will know that there is a time and place for everything.


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