Friday, January 7, 2011

Know Thy Enemy

I've often heard people equate two-year-olds to adolescents, and now I'm starting to understand what they mean. Much like a teenager, Ari has pronounced likes and dislikes. For example, he has decided that he hates jeans.

This becomes a major battle when we are attempting to get dressed and leave the house. As a result of his denim hatred, I've purchased several pairs of non-jean pants such as fleece pants, sweatpants, running pants, corduroys, you get the idea. The only trouble is when we've gone through all the "comfortable pants" (as he calls them) all that's left are these:

They are the enemy. If I try to put them on his little legs, he'll scream "NO JEANS!"

But when they are the only option, I have to force him to wear them!

Anyone else's kid have fabric preferences?


  1. isn't that the way! I remember as a teen wearing jeans until they would stand up by themselves in the corner. Sounds like the "comfortable" pants are a good idea. What about putting a Thomas, Blues Clues or Yo Gabba Gabba patch on them. Who knows what those little teenagers will respond to.

  2. OMG Sarah! You need to check these out. (sorry for the gigantic link)
    He probably doesn't like the way they feel on his legs, but these jeans are lined with fleece and I have seen some that are flannel lined. They can sometimes be hard to find so if you find them at a good price stock up on them.

  3. Kris!! Thank you so much! I am so getting those! What a brilliant idea!

  4. my older son loves his comfy pants too. he doesnt like jeans or other button ups because they pinch his belly and are hard to deal with when goign to the bathroom

  5. No we don't have that. But we still have to fight Braden once in a while to change clothes so it's not all perfect here either.

  6. Otter- I have the same problem on a regular basis. Especially when he's wearing his Toy Story shirt or Thomas Pjs.

  7. I'm seriously terrified that Theo will be come the dreaded SWEATPANT BOY! Maybe I should ban sweats and fleece pants from the wardrobe so he doesn't know any better (bad mommy, bad).


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