Monday, October 18, 2010

"I Wanna Walk Myself!"

This morning as we were leaving the playground I attempted to put Ari back in the stroller and he said:
"I wanna walk myself!"

I was shocked, because he loves to sit on his throne...I mean sit in his stroller. But I was thrilled that he actually wanted to walk!

The only trouble was, that he was distracted by everything, so it took an extremely long time to get home.

The only way I was able to get him to keep going was to tell him that there were more leaves in the backyard at home.

For those of you with children, when did they start to walk functionally?


  1. Lol, Z wants to walk, but Lyla can walk ten times further without whining! They both love leaves, idk why!!! But yea, they *could* technically walk, but I def can't let them both because I'm afraid of one running off.

  2. Lael's almost 7 and she still gets distracted while walking.

  3. my older guy stopped using the stroller at one. it was frustrating but as soon as his little brother came, he was ok to go back in the stroller. everytime i go to nyc i am amazed at how the kids sit so patiently in their bugaboo or maclaren strollers.

  4. Cordy- I can so understand that! I would be terrified that one of them would run off too!

    Keyona- HAHAHA! I am 31 and I get easily distracted. I get it!

    Kyndale- Sounds about right!

    Sara- Ari loves his stroller, but when he walks he is so distracted!

  5. Aaw, Ari all grown up! Oh, there will be a lot of walking along the so called Mall of, he's preparing himself...hehee...:D

  6. Tahira hates being in a stroller, especially in stores. She is more ok outside, perhaps because there is nature to look at. In stores she is TERRIBLE. It's almost easier to let her out of the stroller and try to continuously keep her from knocking everything off the shelves. She holds hands very well for the most part though - minus elbow dislocations and all that.

  7. May- Ari can't wait!

    Amanda- I remember the videos of her walking around the stores of Portland. That's so good that she holds hands! Ari holds hands half the time on the average.

  8. Grace has been walking on her own for awhile now. I can't remember when it began but I found that if I give her a little pep talk before I let her do it things go a lot smoother. I just tell her what I expect "Be a big girl, don't break anything, dont touch anything, no tantrums, etc, etc." If we are outside she knows that hand holding is a must and if she chooses not to then we carry her. (Our stroller broke when she was about 18 months and we decided against buying another one)She is a negotiator so now she will say "Momma I will be a big girl if i can walk all by myself."
    Our biggest obstacle now is when she puts stuff in the cart when we are not looking. I usually have a stack of things for the cashier to restock.

  9. Oh man! I can't imagine living without the stroller! But I guess 18 months is old enough to walk. The cart story cracked me up!

  10. I love letting Theo walk when I have loooooooots of time. It's sweet, hilarious and exhausting but worth it on a nice leisure day. When I want to get us somewhere, I have to bribe him into the stroller and feed him the entire way home or to the destination.


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