Sunday, March 9, 2014

So You Want to Be a Blogger

"I want to start a blog." Said my friend. Said three of my friends. Said 10 of my friends.

I've heard this sentiment many times.
"How can I do it?"

Now, I'm no social media guru, but I do know the things that have worked for me. Here's my short list of helpful tips for those interested in starting a blog.

1. Pick a name that represents who you are and what you want to communicate.
Don't make it too complicated to remember because most people don't have the attention span for long ass names. My best friend Mint and I chose Old School/New School Mom for me because it represented who I am as a person. But this choice took us over an hour. We hashed out different options and made lists.

2. Chose a platform
There are quite a few blogging platform options. WordPress is popular choice because it's pretty and you can custom design your site. For the layman who is just starting out and isn't so tech savvy, I would recommend Blogger. The advantage to using a site like Blogger is that it's connected to Google and you can use your Gmail to log in. If you want to get serious, go with WordPress though. Then there are other things like Tumblr and Square Space  Personally, I find Tumblr confusing. I have many friends that love Square Space though. It's a great platform.

3.  Create a Blog Facebook Page and a Twitter Account
A majority of social media success is based on networking. You want your readers to be able to reach out to you and say "hey, I loved your post." You also want potential brands to be able to contact you and pay you to write for them. Having a Facebook and Twitter is a great way for those people to stay in touch with you. People make fun of Twitter all the time. I did for years. But now, I'm a convert. Twitter is an excellent marketing tool. I've met some truly valuable connections on there.

4. Read and comment on other bloggers post
Let's face it, people love to be heard. If you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. When you comment on someone's post, they are now aware of your Internet existence. They can click on your website and now they are compelled to read what you wrote.

5. Make friends online
This is crucial. You need to find people you relate to on the land of the Internet and talk to them. They will be your allies and advocates. I personally love these people:  Jenni Chiu, Jessica Bern, Liza Hippler, Jessica Davis, Byron Hamel, Sarah Carmichael, Julie Provost Erin Best Margolin and more. I could go on.

6. Don't give up
That's it! Don't give up. Be persistent. Ask for advice from other bloggers. If no one comments on your post, it's okay. Keep going. 90 percent of blogging is perseverance.

Good luck to you all and send me your blogs!

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