Monday, March 24, 2014

Forgive Thyself

Forgive thyself.
For you are all you've got.
Sure, you have family and friends.
Yes, they love you.
But…people are moody. And one day your friend may get mad at you. But, guess what? You're still here.

You make mistakes. Sure you do. After all, you're human.
You hurt people with your words.
You hurt people with your actions.
That's okay. We all do it. We're human beings and we are flawed.
That's what makes us humans.
If we were perfect we'd be mannequins or robots.
But even then my friends, even then…there is no perfect.

Mannequins are made of plastic and plastic can melt or break.
Robots are made of metal and they can malfunction.

You sure are lucky to be a human.
Even though it's hard sometimes.
It feels badly when you hurt another person.
It feels awful when you make what your deem to be a "mistake."

But in actuality, there are no mistakes.
We are here to trip and fall.
We are on this planet to skin our proverbial knees.
Humans are on this earth to fail and fail and fail until we succeed one day.

Our knees may be bloody by then, but nevertheless success has been achieved.

I support your failures.
They are one step closer to success.
I come back to the original concept.
Forgive thyself.
You're good.
You're a good human.
And that's worth everything.


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