Monday, March 3, 2014

Samara Gets Pink Hair

For months, after I dyed my hair purple, Samara was asking for purple hair. I kept putting that information in the back of my mind. I wanted to do more research about the right products to use so as not to damage her hair too much.

I finally got it together, and a friend of mine who does color professionally came over to dye Samara's hair.

I have to say, Samara was a great client. My friend remarked that she was an ideal client and more patient than her adult clients. I attribute that to the IPad.

The only part that was unpleasant for both of us was washing out the dye from her hair. She was like "No! I don't wanna get wet!" I had to remind her that the end result was pretty pink hair. And voila! Here it is:

"Samara, you look like Twilight Sparkle!" I said to her. Twilight Sparkle is one of Samara's favorite My Little Ponies. 
"No!" She said back "I Pinkie Pie!"

After all this excitement, homegirl was tired. So she lay down on the purple couch.

Next color up: blue!

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